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Makeup Misconceptions

Posted on 24 May 2016

There are many misconceptions about those who wear makeup. Some people believe that women who wear makeup are 'fake' or 'superficial'.
Yes, there are literally people out there who equate how much makeup a woman wears, with how 'real' she is as a person.
And no, they don't see the irony in labeling someone superficial whilst simultaneously judging who they are as a person based on how they look.
How much makeup you wear, has nothing to do with how 'fake' you are. You're either fake or your not, makeup can't change that.
If it did, putting on makeup would miraculously change a 'real' person into a 'fake' person. Makeup doesn't magically change women's personalities.
Whether or not a woman wears makeup, is not a reliable indicator of whether or not she is fake.
If that were the case, all women who don't wear makeup would be 'real' but they're not, you can still be fake as fuck and be 'all natural'.
In a court of law, someone's character is judged on how they act and behave. I really wouldn't want my lawyer defending my character based solely on how I look.
Basically, it wouldn't hold up in court to judge someone's character based on how much makeup they wear, so stop doing it in everyday life you fucking idiot.

I don't appreciate people describing those who wear makeup as 'fake' and those who don't as 'real' because its wrong to judge someone based on how they look.

I know there's a lot of women who don't wear makeup because they think it will make them fake if they do, that they're better as a person for going 'all natural'.

I don't blame women for feeling this way, people just want to be accepted. When in reality they're not being accepted for who they are but how they look.

Why should women have to police how much makeup they wear, what they do with their own face, in order to be seen as 'real'.

Woman + makeup = does not make a 'fake' woman.

Woman - makeup = does not make a 'real' woman.

Woman + / - makeup = the same fucking person.


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