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Women wear makeup & clothing for men?

Posted on 24 May 2016

A common assumption when it comes to the use of bodily adornment is that women use it to attract men. However, that's a very limiting and patriarchal way of viewing our relationship with it. Many women adorn themselves, for themselves and their own amusement. I've heard it be compared to masturbation before, its to please yourself. I take issue with anyone who assumes women's choices in regards to bodily adornment is all about seeking men's approval. Imagine going about the world and arrogantly assuming all men dress just to please you and to get your attention. I've got news for you, you're fucking deluded.
A strange thing happens when your body changes from that of a child's to that of a woman's, people judge your choices in regards to what you wear very differently. For example, if a young girl walked down the road in a short skirt and a man cat called her, we'd all agree that was creepy and furthermore wrong to sexually objectify her. However, when that same young girl's body grows into that of a woman's, suddenly that short skirt signals something entirely different. Now it means she's "putting it out there" and "asking for it", what is that "it"...? apparently its a green light to do all kinds of predatory things.
I think a lot of people believe its innocent to assume that a woman wears what she does to look attractive to men and get their attention. However, some men use that same sentiment to justify sexually harass women, "why else would she dress like that if she wasn't looking for attention from me?" Why is it one rule for women, another rule for children and men. Its seen as socially acceptable to base a woman's consent based on what she wears, to touch her inappropriately because she's wearing "next to nothing". However, we don't justify grabbing men and children inappropriately based on how much they're wearing.
I just wish people would stop viewing my choices in regards to what I wear as all about men because trust me, that's not the truth. I'm a multifaceted human being, stop reducing my every move down to pleasing men. I LIVE FOR MYSELF. I'm still the young girl who wears what she wants because she likes it. I think its messed up that my motives behind what I choose to wear are assumed without even asking me. Its concerning that women can't freely wear whatever they want, without the fear of someone turning what they wear into an excuse to do all kinds of things to them that they didn't ask for. Why should I have to limit what I can wear, just so some creepy pervert doesn't use it as an excuse to give me unwanted attention or worse.
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