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Sophie King is a British embroidery artist currently based in the UK.
After graduating in 2012 she started King Sophie's World to create wearable works of art, blurring the boundary between art and fashion.
Sophie's work explores how women can use clothing, especially embroidery, as a powerful medium to make a statement about themselves and the world around them.
Her most recent work focuses on empowering women and examining the issues they face in modern life that undermine their self-esteem, self-confidence and well being.
She has worked on a range of designs of various size and scope, for all kinds of clients. 
Her work has been featured in Nylon, NME, Ballad Of, Lucky and on Vogue.com, I-D.vice.com, Buzzfeed, Galore, The Coveteur and so on.
About embroidery:
 Sophie is a self taught embroidery artist, she approaches each piece with an emphasis on craftsmanship and creativity. 
She creates each sequin patch by hand from start to finish, meticulously embroidering each sequin individually, creating highly intricate one of a kind works of art.
For business enquiries and commissions please email me at: kingsophiesworld@gmail.com
For general questions, comments and love you can find me on instagram: @kingsophiesworld

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