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Bad Aliens

Posted on 24 May 2016

I released a collection called 'Bad Aliens' in January of last year. The idea behind the collection was to explore 'What would happen if aliens treated humans, how humans treat animals?'
In 2014 I become quite obsessed with extraterrestrials, all I would watch is documentaries on abduction stories, ancient alien theories, UFO sightings. I've always found all things otherworldly interesting. Ghosts, magic, cults, the universe, there is something about the unknown that is alluring to me.
The thought of extraterrestrials visiting earth scared and excited me at the same time. Lets believe these extraterrestrials are more advanced than us (which they probably are if they're capable of visiting us), how will they treat us, the 'inferior' species? Would they be 'good' or 'bad' aliens?
I looked to the way humans treat animals, a species many humans agree to be inferior to them, as inspiration. To begin with, a lot of humans see animals as tasty snacks, hot dogs in the making. I had quite a lot of fun imagining an alien fast food restaurant with human burgers on the menu.
Secondly, I know a lot of humans love to wear animals. Many wear animal fur coats as a status symbol, to show off to the other humans. I imagined aliens doing the same with humans, with one posing smugly with a skinned 'gorgeous blonde' draped around their neck.
The human scarf is inspired by a certain blonde American teen, who kills wild animals like Lions and then smugly poses with their dead bodies as trophies. Which leads me onto my next piece, which was inspired by the way many humans enjoy hunting animals.

I thought of the ways in which humans justify hunting animals and imagined aliens using the same justifications to hunt humans. "Its kinder than other methods of controlling the human population, they are never left injured, they either get away or are killed." or if all else fails "Its tradition!"

Taking into consideration some of the ways humans treat animals as an example, our fate in the hands of extraterrestrials doesn't look good. We can only imagine what would happen if aliens were to serve humans some cosmic karma.


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