Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them because they like them

"Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them because they like them."

This embroidery is a part of a larger collection in which I wanted to explore being young and inexperienced in relationships, betrayal and heartbreak. Subsequent death of innocence and who you were before. 

There are some things I wish someone had taught me when I was younger, mainly that if boys mistreat you, that doesn't mean they like you. This seems like quite a simple concept, yet women are sent the message from an early age that they must accept abusive behavior in exchange for love, starting with "boys are mean to you because they like you". 

No, boys don't like you if they mistreat you. You don't show someone you respect them by disrespecting them, you don't show someone you care by being uncaring. Its true that boys aren't encouraged to express their feelings in the same way girls are, so that might explain why they express themselves in unhealthy ways but that sure as hell isn't an excuse for treating you badly.

If you're an empathetic person, you've probably made a shit tonne of excuses for the dickheads in your life who don't treat you as they should, "they had a bad childhood", "they're an alcoholic" and so forth. This goes back to being taught at a young age to excuse and romanticize abusive behavior. No wonder so many women get into toxic relationships.

Everyone is accountable for their actions, so don't make excuses for people and accept anything less than love, care and respect. Make self love your focus and if anyone deters you from this, FUCK THEM OFF. Its not normal for someone to make you feel completely drained and depleted.