For People Who Get Called "Too Sensitive"

maybe i'm not too sensitive maybe you're just a dickhead?
"Maybe I'm Not Too Sensitive Maybe You're A Just A Dickhead?"
If you've ever been called "too sensitive" I can bet it's by someone whose just made you upset. To me, getting called "too sensitive" is on par with getting called "crazy", it's just another form of gaslighting. It is often a manipulation tactic used by people who don't want to take accountability for being mean. They blame the issue on you, for getting "upset over nothing", to excuse and minimise what they've done and invalidate your feelings.
I hate it when people think being mean is a badge of honor, that it makes them courageous and you too weak for not tolerating their nastiness. However in my opinion feeling averse to being mistreated doesn't make you at fault, it means you're not a psychopath and capable of empathy.