Stop Blaming Women For Men's Inadequacies
October 20, 2017

Stop Blaming Women For Men's Inadequacies

"Stop Blaming Women For Men's Inadequacies" I first made this message embroidery in June 2017. 
stop blaming women for men's inadequacies
It's complicated why women find themselves in toxic relationships but the blame is often placed solely on them. There is a stereotype that they choose to ignore better judgment and are stupid. Our general attitude is to disregard them, in the same way their abusive partner does. People make snarky comments like "I can't believe you'd put up with that" or "why do you always go for these type of men?" 

Statements like the ones above, that imply women are at fault for how men have chosen to mistreat them, are wrong. It leads women to feel ashamed and guilty, they direct anger towards themselves instead of the perpetrator. The ironic thing is, making women hate themselves, does nothing to end the cycle of toxic relationships because guess what, they're not the problem!

Women waste years believing these stereotypes and thinking that there's something fundamentally wrong with them that is provoking men to treat them badly, that they don't deserve any better. When the reality is, they're not the problem, the problem is some people are simply incapable of treating others with care and respect. They don't have it in them. I would tell anyone who implies women are to blame for men's inadequacies to fuck off.