You're not a bad boy you're just a bad person

"You're not a bad boy, you're just a bad person" available here.
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Stop romanticizing the "bad boy"

"Bad boys" are often portrayed as troubled but with a hidden sensitive side, that's supposed to redeem them. This misleads women to deny, minimize and justify the terrible actions of men because they're still a "good person deep down", that they "don't really mean it" and they're "not all bad".

The myth of the bad boy encourages women to overlook the bad in boys, despite how they mistreat them and give them the benefit of the doubt. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence they don't have their best interests at heart.

Women believe that if they could just make them see the pain they're inflicting, they'd change. Nope. They're never sorry, you can't appeal to someone's conscience when they don't have one. The reality is, "bad boys" are just bad people.


You're not a bad boy, you're just a bad person ⚔️❤ one of a kind hand embroidered 50s vintage top.

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